Open List

If you think about it. Many companies are just list builders!

There is a list behind every business:

  •; a list of hotels.
  • Uber; a list of taxi drivers.
  • Facebook; a list of your friends.
  • Google; a searchable list of webpages.
  • Airbnb; a list of b&b's.
  • Twitter; a list of short texts.
  • A wordpress blog; a list of articles.
  •; a list of second hands goods.
  • Amazon; a list of new goods.
  • Etc etc.

Although these lists can have complicated relationships and are build on massive infrastructes at the end of the day they are just lists. So why not play with your own lists, use some interesting techniques and customize it to your own will? Moehaha.

By the way when I told my friends I was working on a web tool for building lists they responded rather dull. But hey I like them! They are rather fascinating! I can build lists all day! woopwoop

Go to OpenList HERE.


I want something that creates new lists on the fly. A bit like Evernote but more similar to a site like Lodash so I could build my own code snippet libraries and share it with others. I want to build my own "Lodash" but not only for code, also for learning language like Duolingo, but more open so others can build there own lists for learning a langage, more like Github.... get it 😃 ? I like to call it OpenList.

At first I created a NodeJS server on a raspberry pi. The server used a SQLite database. I really like the idea of having a small personal server doing things for you at home. So I experimented with all kinds of Raspberry Pi servers. Raspberry pi's are fast enough for a lot of things and they come cheap. Next I experimented with .json lists stored on Github.

However for the OpenList project I created finally a Google Firebase solution for the backend and Nuxt.js (Vue.js) for the front-end. Why? Because it is simple...and gives you more flexibility.


I like to keep OpenList very basic but powerful on the same time. For now it has the following features:

  • Have one central place from where your lists can be entered.
  • Create as many lists as you want.
  • Easily add items etc within your lists.
  • Use markdown for your texts and code snippets.
  • Create an account on FireBase.
  • Change data on the fly by logging in with your mobile phone.*
  • Use markdown instead of plain text.
Testing OpenList
Changing the markdown after logging in

Openlist is losely inspired by VuePress. This website is build with Vuepress, however OpenList is a totally custom (single page app) project. I will soon put the source code on Github, else I shouldn't call it OpenList..heh? I will add some information on how to install and use it for your own projects.